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Essential oils are generally high value, low volume commodities. This makes them attractive crops to grow and process for smallholder farmers and remote communities in the LDCs, where transport problems prevent them from marketing high volume cash crops.

Fourteen monographs on essential oil crops which are capable of yielding an income in a relatively short space of time have been prepared. The oils featured in the monographs have been selected for one of two reasons: i. there is an existing commercial market for the oil with room for new producers to enter, e.g. patchouli oil. ii. the oil contains a major ingredient for which shortages may occur in the future, e.g. safrole from sassafras oil.

The essential oil from a particular species of plant may vary depending on where it has been grown and how it has been processed. New producers should be prepared to meet with some resistance when attempting to market oils from new sources. They may be offered lower prices than expected and, initially, sales may be slow. In order to be successful a new supplier must satisfy buyers that his oil(s) will meet the following requirements. i. uniform good quality ii. stable price iii. continuity of supply

Building up buyer confidence will, of necessity, take some time and new producers of essential oils products and machinery are encouraged to take this into account when beginning to distil commercially essential oils.

Distillation of essential oils

Essential oils are aromatic materials of vegetable origin, which are used in perfumery and flavorings. They represent the “essential aroma” of the plant from which they are obtained. The majority of essential oils are produced by the process of steam distillation.

Raw materials / processing


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Essential oils occur in many different parts of plants, e.g. roots (vetiver), bark (cinnamon), heartwood (sandalwood), leaves (bay), herb (peppermint), seeds (nutmeg), flowers (cananga and jasmine).

The essential oil of a plant consists of many compounds which generally boil between 150° 300° C. If attempts are made to remove these compounds by dry distillation many will decompose and the oil will be ruined. However, the compounds are steam volatile and can be distilled out of the vegetal materials at around 100° C.

When plant materials are steam distilled chemical changes inevitably occur and the oil obtained will not have an identical aroma to that of the original plant material.

Preparation of material for distillation varies with the material to be distilled. Some material must be distilled immediately after harvesting, whereas others can be (and are best) stored for a day or two before distilling and finally there are materials which can be stored indefinitely before distillation. In general, flowers should be distilled immediately, whereas herbaceous material often benefits from wilting for one or two days before distillation. Woody materials may need to be ground and/or soaked before distillation.

The preparation of the raw material, the packing of the still and the rate/type of distillation can be determined for a particular essential oil crop from the literature or from experimental trials.

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Disclaimer: This machine has many uses, please consult with your local professional in whichever industry you are involved in to ensure proper application and to not void warranty.

TrimPal, is intended for use on legal aromatic herbs and hops, DIRECT2U in no way condones the use of TrimPal in ways and/or with substances that may be illegal. It is of upmost importance to check all federal, municipal, & provincial/state laws and regulations before operating TrimPal to be in accordance with the appropriate laws and limitations you live within. Under no circumstances, including, but not limited to ignorance, negligence, or inebriation is D2U  and or contractors liable for any special or consequential damages that result from the use of, or the inability to use TrimPal appropriately, even if advised of potential damages or dangers. The contents within this statement may or may not pertain to you.

Practical uses for the TrimPal  include, but are not limited to; rosemary, hops, mint, chili pepper plant, lavender, marijuana and other various medicinal herbs as well as annuals.  Product quality is medicinal quality, and has been verified by legitimate laboratories showing results to be free from damage.  Our customers have seen a return on investment within the first 40 hours of product use!!!  TrimPal product users experience their product is done first with scissor quality trimming and no more man hours or additional risks involved!

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TrimPal is now in use in California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Michigan and Maine.
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