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What about plasma lighting technology? Rocketplasma Full Term Lighting, Engineered specifically with the specialty crop cultivator in mind, offering you the BEST ! Custom Built by hand in Northern California Coming to a qualified exclusive store near you, call to find out more 619-333-2761

Introduction   Fourteen monographs on essential oil crops which are capable of yielding an income in a relatively short space of time have been prepared. The oils featured in the monographs have been selected for one of two reasons: i. there is an existing commercial market for the oil with room for new producers to enter, e.g. patchouli oil. ii. the oil contains a major ingredient for which shortages may occur in the future, e.g. safrole from sassafras oil. The essential oil from a particular species of plant may vary depending on where it has been grown and how it has been processed. New producers should be prepared to meet with some resistance when attempting to market oils from new sources. They may be offered lower prices than expected and, initially, sales may be slow. In order to be successful a new supplier must satisfy buyers that his oil(s) will meet the following requirements. i. uniform good quality ii. stable price iii. continuity of supply Building up buyer confidence will, of necessity, take some time and new producers of essential oils products and machinery are encouraged to take this into account when beginning to distil commercially essential oils.

Raw materials / processing/ Essence Infusing

                                              The Northern Coastline of California has a unique combination of geography, geology and climatic conditions. The volcanic soils mixed with  the Mediterranean climate creates a very unique California.         We are working with the most cutting edge, leading technology and science related machinery associated with the clean and organic processing and extraction of agricultural crops.


Cleaning and sanitation in the winery is crucial to producing quality wine. High quality cellar hygiene is imperative to a successful operation. Constant cleaning is costly and ineffective. Mold Prevention through Sanitizing Air Technology eliminates the need for constant cleaning –

Mold control in winery
Greenhouse Sanitation


Growers realize the importance of a high quality sanitation program inside their greenhouses. A warm humid environment is a perfect setting for the establishment of fungal, algae and bacterial pathogens. When using Sanitizing Air Technology air units, or engineered into the design of the greenhouse protects against growth and re-growth of mold, mildew, algae and moss, eliminates repeated cleanings and offers a multitude of cost and production advantages for the greenhouse grower. If you have any questions please email us and we will forward your question to the right dept to find you the answers you are needing, we have a in house microbiologist available as well for any technichal questions that you may have.

Vision: A work collective is a type of horizontal collectivism wherein a business functions as a partnership of individual professionals, recognizing them as equals and rewarding them for their expertise. The working collective aims to reduce costs to clients while maintaining healthy rewards for participating partners. This is accomplished by eliminating the operating costs that are needed to support levels of management. Together we can shape the future we need to see in front of us, and are working with the right companies to provide this reality. Don’t wait any longer.

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Refunds must have RMA associated   Disclaimer: This machine has many uses, please consult with your local professional in whichever industry you are involved in to ensure proper application and to not void warranty. OGTrimPal, is intended for use on legal aromatic herbs and hops, DIRECT2U and HGW  in no way condones the use of OG TrimPal in ways and/or with substances that may be illegal. It is of upmost importance to check all federal, municipal, & provincial/state laws and regulations before operating OGTrimPal to be in accordance with the appropriate laws and limitations you live within. Under no circumstances, including, but not limited to ignorance, negligence, or inebriation is D2U HGW  and or any of its contractors liable for any special or consequential damages that result from the use of, or the inability to use OGTrimPal appropriately, even if advised of potential damages or dangers. The contents within this statement may or may not pertain to you.

Practical uses for the TrimPal  include, but are not limited to; rosemary, hops, mint, chili pepper plant, lavender, marijuana and other various medicinal herbs as well as annuals.  Product quality is medicinal quality, and has been verified by legitimate laboratories showing results to be free from damage.  Our customers have seen a return on investment within the first 40 hours of product use!!! OG TrimPal product users experience their product is done first with scissor quality trimming and no more man hours or additional risks involved!   OGTrimPal is now in use in California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Michigan and Maine. We take pride in helping customers with any issues or questions, and keep a very good reputation.

OGTrimPal is built to last, every machine is equipped with a long life basket and motor. We provide a 1 Year Warranty on all machines. Free shipping in the USA. With OGTrimPal your product is trimmed with pulling action, rather than chopping or cutting!

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